Streatham Hill SNT update

November 14, 2010 12:22
The team have been working hard recently on an increase in burglaries on the west side of the ward. These burglaries are generally taking place in the evening and multi occupancy dwellings tend to be the main target. This appears to be down to communal doors that are fairly insecure. We are identifying those properties that are vulnerable and asking landlords to fit five lever mortice locks instead of simply relying on yale locks which have proved to be inadequate. We have been liaising closely with our colleagues in CID to make sure all intelligence is passed from the community to those investigating those offences and we are hopeful that we will be able to identify the suspects soon. Our persistant beggar has been arrested again and sent to court by PC DENNIS. She has prepared the evidence of his offending to put before a panel that will make a decision on whether he is suitable for an ASBO. PC DENNIS will be in court again on 29th November for an ASBO application against an 18 year old male who has been causing problems for local residents. A multi agency meeting has been held regarding a road on the ward that has seen groups of youths gathering and intimidating residents. An action plan has been put in place to implement some long term solutions to this problem. The team have now been trained in the use of hand held speed guns. You will hopefully see us out on the ward in the future using these. If you have a specific problem with speeding on your street then please let us know specific times and days. We have been made welcome at community events on the ward at St Simon and St Jude Catholic Church and The Palace Project. We would like to thank Father McKenna and Glen Neil for their hospitality. If you have a community event that you would like us to attend then please email the team. Our Community Support Officers Shaun and James have been busy on patrol recently finding a group of males dumping numerous bags of rotten meat in Tooting Bec Common at the end of Sternhold Ave. Thanks to there diligence this matter is now being taken up by Environmental Health to prosecute. Finally, it was a privelege for the team to attend The Armistice Day Service of Remembrance at Streatham War Memorial today to remember our fallen heroes. Sgt Paul Graves

Free Micro-chipping Day for pets

November 02, 2010 09:33
Lambeth Living in conjunction with the RSPCA has arranged a Free Micro-chipping Day for pets. (Cats and dogs only) This will be at the Central Lambeth Area Housing Office Greenleaf Close, Tulse Hill Estate,London, SW2 2HB On Tuesday 16 November 2010 from 4pm to 6pm. Micro-chipping, worming and de-fleaing will be done free of charge. (All donations gratefully received by RSPCA) No appointment required. Please contact 07952 680 522 if you have any queries about micro-chipping. 

Letter Box Burglary

November 02, 2010 09:24
In Lambeth there has been an increase in letter box burglary. The perpetrator puts their hand/tools through the letter box and opens the door using the handle from the inside. This provides easy quiet access to the premises. To combat this ensure that you double lock your door. This means a key will be required to open the door, instead of it just opening by using the handle inside. Keep keys in a place all members of the family are aware of to open the doors in case of an emergency, but out of sight of a burglar. If want to know more about Neighbourhood Watch or to set one up contact Karen Hunn Tel 020 7926 2716 or Email Alternatively go to to find your local Safer Neighbourhood Team who will also be able to help.

Streatham Test Purchase Operation

November 01, 2010 17:19
On the evening of Friday 22nd October 2010 the A23 Team, working in partnership with Lambeth Trading Standards in Streatham conducted a test purchase operation. This followed information and concerns received that alcohol was being supplied to young people under the age of 18 years. Two test purchasers aged 16 years were asked to enter alcohol licensed premises, and attempt to buy alcohol. They were instructed to say they were 18 years old if asked, but did not carry identification to prove this. Officers kept them under observation to identify any person who sold alcohol to them. Fourteen premises were visited, 2 bars, 6 pubs, and 6 off-licenses. Of the fourteen, the test purchasers were served in two pubs, and a further two sales were made to them by two off-licences. The A23 team issued £80 penalty notices for disorder to the staff who sold the alcohol. The Designated Premises Supervisor for each premises, and person responsible for alcohol sales, was contacted, and informed. They were made aware of the Lambeth borough three strikes policy. If there are three major concerns, a major concern would include an under age sale, then Lambeth Trading Standards would consider asking for the alcohol licence to be reviewed. A review could lead to a licence being revoked. Police Constable 917LX Jim Else who organised the operation said, "This operation shows that most venues are acting within the terms of their license and are trading within the law. However, there are some unscrupulous venues, who will sell to underage children. The A23 Team will continue to work with partners to promote a vibrant and disorder free night time economy in Streatham."

SNT officers arrest robbery suspect

October 29, 2010 00:07
On Friday 22nd October PC Boyle and PCSO Dell'Avvacato witnessed a robbery taking place in Streatham High Road. Both officers were quick to react chasing the suspect down a nearby side street. PCSO Dell'Avvacato detained the male who was subsequently arrested for robbery. A quantity of cash was siezed from the suspect. A 38 year old male is currently on bail for the offence.

Road Traffic Collision - Streatham Hill

October 28, 2010 23:57
At 7.30pm on Thursday 28th October a vehicle was involved in a collision with a 26 year old female pedestrian. The female suffered serious injuries. The collision caused the closure of part of the carriageway in Streatham Hill. The matter is being dealt with by Traffic Operational Command Unit.

SNT Crime Prevention Advice

October 28, 2010 21:14
Officers from Streatham Hill SNT Will be on Lanercost Road on the 30/10/10 from 1200-1400hours offering crime prevention advice to all local residents. The Team will also be carrying property marking pens and be happy to mark any items of property in houses or Bicycles for example.

Road Safety in Lambeth

October 16, 2010 15:18
Road Safety in Lambeth Improving Road Safety is a ward priority for Metropolitan Police officers from Lambeth Borough Streatham Wells Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) led by Sergeant Steve Jones. In partnership with CO15 - Traffic, the SNT hosted an ‘Exchanging Places’ Operation on Streatham High Road, SW16 (A23) opposite Streatham Ice Rink on Friday 1 October from 2pm until 7pm. Cyclists and other members of the public were given the opportunity to sit in the cab of a large lorry to experience the problems that lorry driver’s may have in seeing other road users, particularly cyclists. This also raised awareness of the importance of wearing bright reflective clothing and using lights. Cyclists are reminded that it is also important for them to obey the Highway Code and road traffic law. Regular complaints are received by police about cyclists contravening red traffic lights and cycling on footpaths, putting themselves and other road users at risk. Lambeth Borough Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams will be issuing fixed penalty notices to cyclists committing these offences. Inspector Nicholas Fallowfield (Streatham and Norwood Safer Neighbourhoods) said, "This initiative is aimed at reducing those hurt by traffic collisions and especially those riding bicycles. Many people do get hurt so this is a good time to listen to the advice being provided and to ensure your own safety, and that of your family and friends, is looked after." On 14th October, Sergeant Jones, himself a former Traffic Officer and a colleague from the South West Traffic Garage at Hampton, PC Nicki Olyott attended a one day Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO) event held in Kennington in partnership with Lambeth Council Road Safety and staff and pupils from the borough’s primary schools. There are 20 primary schools with Junior Road Safety Officers in Lambeth. Schools appoint two or more JRSOs who are usually from year five or year six. Their activities range from: organising poster competitions, taking assemblies and running quizzes to working alongside borough Road Safety Officers to remind parents of the dangers of parking on the yellow zig-zag lines outside schools. The JRSO’s were given an opportunity to get ‘hands on’ with a fully marked and operational traffic pursuit car and use for themselves the laser speed detection guns recently funded by Lambeth Council for use by Lambeth Safer Neighbourhood Team officers. Sgt Jones said, “One of the road safety issues highlighted by the JRSO’s today was that cars speed in the roads around their schools. SNT officers will now have the capability to deal with these offenders robustly by way of Fixed Penalty Notices - a £60 fine plus three penalty points on their driving licence. We look forward to working closely with our schools to address this and other road safety issues.” More information for cyclists can be obtained from the internet by visiting and clicking on ‘cycling’. Further information on our traffic section is available from: See our "Exchanging Places" cycle safety video on you tube. search for "Met Police Service lorry" For information on how to get your school involved in the JRSO scheme contact Norma Fender on 020 7926 0332 or email

Haloween Trick or Treat

October 15, 2010 12:29
Dear members To assist combat Anti-Social behaviour around trick or treating Lambeth Life, a local free paper, will have a full page poster for those who don't want people knocking on their door to put up on display. Regards Lambetn Safer Neighbourhoods Team

Alert from Lambeth Business Against Crime

October 08, 2010 13:42
Stores in Lambeth have been hit with losses of £300 after being targeted by a criminal gang. The gang are buying gift cards in stores using signature only debit / credit cards. These debit and credit cards are all stolen or cloned and the value of purchases are low level in order to prevent detection. Stores are now only accepting Chip & Pin or cash for the purchase of gift cards. The same gang has also targeted Crystal Palace, Tooting and Sydenham among others. Please be aware. Any information you may have please forward to Lambeth Business Crime Reduction Director on 07818083388 or email Please note that under the Disability Discrimination Act these signature only cards are often provided to those with memory disability. Care and caution is advised when refusing. Stephen E. Govier, LLB (Hons), MA. Business Crime Reduction Director Lambeth Business Against Crime 306a, Streatham High Road London, SW16 6HG 07818083388 Criminal Justice Secure Email :

Streatham Hill SNT update

October 06, 2010 13:31
Streatham Hill SNT have arrested a 40 year old male who has been persistently begging on Streatham High Road and Sternhold Ave. The arrest follows numerous complaints from residents and visitors. A 14 year old youth recently arrested for threatening a member of the public in Palace Road has appeared at court and been given a community order punishment. There has been a number of burglaries that have occured in The Wavertree Road area of Streatham Hill. The Team will be visiting addresses in the area to warn residents to be vigilant and to offer crime prevention advice. If you would like to speak to a member of the team about securing your property then please email us on

Rogue traders operating in Lambeth South

October 01, 2010 11:32
Local residents are advised that a group of rogue traders are attempting to gain business in the area, these builders are charging extortionate amounts of money to do minimal amounts of work. The workers are not licensed or commissioned and do not carry the necessary documentation, or give invoices. Please query the legitimacy of anyone who attempts to carry out work in your home. These rogue builders often prey on the elderly and vulnerable, please look out for local residents that you know who may be prone to the efforts of such rogue traders. Ensure your builders are qualified genuine tradesmen!

Secure you homes

September 29, 2010 13:26
Please see the attached document regarding a spate of letterbox burglaries specifically targeting uPVC doors.

Police Appeal for witnesses

September 14, 2010 16:16
Police Appeal: Can you help? Lambeth Officers are appealing for information and witnesses to a several robberies where elderly victims have been targeted. A 70 year old male was attacked on Martell Road, SE21 just off Robson Road on Monday 16 August at around 9:10pm The suspect, who made off with a briefcase, was described as wearing all dark clothing. As it happened so quickly the 70 year old man was unable to recall any further details. In a separate incident a 75 year old female was targeted and had her handbag stolen. This incident happened on Probyn Road, SW2 at around 7:40pm on Thursday 9 September. The suspect is described as a black male aged around 30 years old and approximately 5ft 6” in height. This clothing this time was a dark shirt with white trousers and a white hat A third incident on Friday 10 September saw an 80 year old female removed of her handbag on Lansdowne Hill, SE27 at around 2:35pm. The suspect was described a black male aged between 23 and 30 years old. Police are keen to trace anyone in the area who may have seen or heard something as they believe the incidents may be linked. Inspector Nick Fallowfield of Lambeth Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team said, “at this stage the suspect described for two of the incidents is similar and as there is no description for the third incident it is possible that this is the work of just one person. If anyone has any suspicions as to whom this suspect is then please call the below numbers. Furthermore I urge our elderly community to be aware of their surroundings and to call police if they think a potential suspect is approaching them. In addition do seek the assistance from other members of the public and call loudly for “help” ”. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Lambeth Police Robbery Squad on 0208 649 2439 or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Distraction burglary

September 10, 2010 15:58
Lambeth Borough Police are investigating a distraction burglary in the Streatham Area. The suspect is a white man described as 6ft 1 tall, with cropped ginger hair and protruding ears. The suspect called at the victim's address and said that he needed to check the 'optimum valve' to prevent high pressure damaging the property. The victim allowed him to enter. Whilst the suspect remained with the victim, a second suspect entered the address and stole cash. Lambeth Borough Police would like to like to remind residents to use caution if unknown visitors knock. If you are in anyway suspicious, do not let them in. Always dial 999 in an emergency.

Streatham Hill SNT meetings

September 09, 2010 14:30
Please note the following dates and times for the Streatham Hill SNT meetings and feel free to attend and discuss any local issues. Ward Panel Meeting tonight!!! Come and set the priorities for your local police team. What: Public meeting When: 09/09/2010 - 19:00 - 20:30 Where: Killieser Ave Tennis Club Sw2 What: Street briefing When: 16/09/2010 - 18:00 - 19:00 Where: Streatham Hill BR station What: Street briefing When: 24/09/2010 - 15:00 - 16:00 Where: Palace Road outside Nature Gardens Please also see the following link for further team details. Thanks, Insp Fallowfield.