Lambeth's proactive policing on priority crime 28 Oct 16:27

Lambeth Borough Met Police carried out early morning raids across the borough today (Friday, 28 October) targeting burglars and robbers in their ongoing effort to reduce these crimes and make Lambeth safer.


Officers executed warrants at addresses in Camberwell, South Lambeth and Streatham, arresting a total of five people.


In the fight against robbery and burglary Lambeth Borough Police use a variety of tactics and planning to apprehend such criminals however officers urge the public to assist them in doing what they can, to protect their homes and personal property when travelling around.


DI Dan Sillitoe from the robbery unit promotes the use of numerous tracking devices available to smartphones such as the ‘Find my I-phone’ App - that can be downloaded and now comes as standard with all the new I-phones. Similar App’s are available to Blackberry and android phones. He comments “These applications activates the GPS signal within the phone and can be tracked on a map. So if you were to fall victim to a robbery there is a possibility we could track your stolen phone and arrest the suspect responsible. However, you have to register your details for it to work, which some people don’t bother to do”.


Lambeth officers have had recent successes in using this technique to conduct area searches for suspects in having arrested four men, in individual cases where the suspects robbed members of the public for their smartphones and an Ipad and thought they had made an escape. These tracking devices were all activated and officers were able to follow them even while the suspects were travelling onboard buses.  Suspects were apprehended and arrested while police could eventually re-unite the owner with their property.


Simple techniques such as registering your phone’s IMEI number on property databases such as can assist police in recovering stolen property, returning it to the owner while securing convictions for criminals. The IMEI number is a unique number to the phone’s handset. Lambeth officers in recent months have made three arrests after conducting a check on the phone the suspect was carrying, to discover it was registered to another that had it stolen.


Officers from the burglary unit would also stress occupants to protect their homes against burglary, especially during this seasonal period where the hours of darkness increase. Marking items of value to the website above and using secure locks are small steps to protect your home.


Our officers work closely with intelligence and forensic units to actively target known burglars while our Safer Neighbourhoods Teams (SNT’s) visit the homes of released offenders to deter them from re-offending. The SNT’s are also available to offer crime prevention advice and home security information.


Everett Henry, Head of Equality Diversity and Human Rights for the National Policing Improvement Agency recently went out with Lambeth officers as they carried out similar raids such as this morning and commented; "The police work in a very challenging environment and one of the key public concerns is street crime.


This requires the police to engage and act swiftly, when out on patrol. I had the opportunity to observe for a day, going out with officers during an operational shift. The unit's professional knowledge of the area and the community using good policing techniques has contributed to tackling street crime and burglary, with the aim of reassuring the public to feel safe in their area. " 


DCI Mickey Gallagher who leads on acquisitive crime for Lambeth Met Police comments; “I demand a total policing response from all Lambeth officers and staff that is focused on systematic and ruthless tactics within a legal and ethical framework.


The raids conducted today are apart of the some of the daily efforts made by my officers to do whatever is possible to prevent crime and stop robbers and burglars. It is my intention to place the fear of the consequences in committing these crimes, into the mind of the criminals.”



For crime prevention advice or to contact you SNT please visit the Met Police’s website;



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