Back to school youngsters travel safe 22 Sep 12:39

One lesson young people received when they headed back to school this month focused on how to improve their experience of travelling by bus in the Capital.


Officers from the TfL-funded Metropolitan Police Safer Transport Command (STC) will be engaging with young people as part of the Safe Travel For All initiative, which aims to improve travel confidence for passengers who may feel vulnerable whilst travelling on public transport and educate them on safely travelling around the capital’s bus network.


Recently Lambeth officers from the Safer Transport Team in partnership with TfL set up a stationary ‘mock’ bus at Vauxhall Bus Station through which, they engaged with children travelling through the station and spoke about safer and responsible travelling in the Capital.


Onboard the ‘mock’ bus children were able to experience the role of a bus driver and understand what they deal with on a day-to-day basis, while viewing the CCTV similar to real buses. The mock bus was also equipped with a widescreen TV on which the children were able to watch short educational films.


Police officers from London’s 32 borough Safer Transport Teams are currently carrying out extra patrols at school start and finish times, assisting youngsters with oyster card applications, taking part in Safety and Citizenship events and setting up engagement stalls in transport hubs and schools across the capital.


Lambeth officers will continue to provide safety and security advice and those taking part have the chance to talk about any safety concerns relating to their local transport network understand and act upon any transport-related concerns.


The Safe Travel For All initiative will progress throughout the year with a series of engagement activities designed to improve the travelling confidence for other groups that sometimes feel vulnerable when travelling.


Chief Superintendent Sultan Taylor, Metropolitan Police STC, said: “Everyone should be able to feel confident whilst travelling on London’s transport system and young people returning to school are no exception. The back to school period can sometimes be a daunting time for young people, particularly those who have just started secondary school and are travelling independently for the first time. Our increased youth engagement activity and partnership with TfL through the Safe travel for all initiative play a vital role in improving the travelling confidence of young people across the capital.” 




Notes to editors


·For more information contact your local Safer Transport Team, visit or


·       The MPS Safer Transport Command is funded by TfL to fight crime on buses, tackle illegal taxi touts; and assist with the control of traffic congestion;


·       Overall there are around 2,000 Police Officers and PCSOs dedicated to patrolling the bus network in London;

·       There are 32 STTs covering every borough in the Capital.  The teams also incorporate 32 hub teams, introduced by the Mayor in 2008.  The teams patrol geographically defined areas identified to benefit from additional police;

·       The STTs act as a visible deterrent to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour on and around buses.  They also enhance and work closely with existing Safer Neighbourhood Teams, Safer School Officers, British Transport Police and local transport staff to ensure Londoners can move around the Capital more safely and confidently;

·       London’s buses carry 6.4 million passengers a day on 700 routes across the Capital;

·       All of the 8,500 buses are fitted with 75,000 cameras;


·       Safe Travel For All is a joint STC and TfL initiative that will be run throughout 2011 focusing on vulnerable user groups. As part of this initiative engagement activities will be carried out during specific times of year with following groups:

·Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community (LGBT)

·Black Minority and Ethnic community (BME)

·Young people