Baby’s life saved by Brixton PCSO’s 21 Sep 16:48

A baby choking to death was saved by two PCSO’s on a cycle patrol near Brockwell Park SE24 on Friday 16 September.


PCSO Joe McCarthy and PCSO Nathan Walters from Brixton’s Local Policing Team were passing by the park at about 2.30pm when they were flagged down by a distressed woman who wanted them to go over to the grass area where there was two other women  with several young children.

The PCSO’s could immediately see that the baby aged seven months was placed over the mothers lap and was choking.


Due to the complete training officers receive the PCSO’s reassured the mother that he could help and drew upon their experience to handle the situation. PSCO Walters with the mothers permission took hold of the baby and placed it facing down and gave it gentle pats on the back until the item had been disloged. During this time PSCO McCarthy used his radio to call for an ambulance.


After a short while it was clear that PCSO Walters managed to dislodge the blocked airway of the young baby and the rest of the family began to calm down along with the baby itself. They stayed with the family and baby until the ambulance arrived.


PCSO Joe McCarthy of Brixton LPT comments; "We were faced with a challenging situation and we acted accordingly. PCSOs often receive criticism for their role, however this situation reflects the seriousness of incidents that we and other PCSOs are called to deal with on a regular basis. Hopefully this 'good news story' will stand as testament to the fact that PCSOs provide a useful and protective role to the community".


Inspector Stuart Bell of Lambeth Borough Met Police commented: “I believe that it was the quick and calm intervention by these two officers that saved the life of this young baby. They used their training to communicate, act concisely and deal with a number of distressed women who were obviously concerned for the safety of the child, we are very proud of their actions”.